The Corinne Sikora Wellness & Support Center will be designed as a comforting space for all cancer patients across Bucks County. 

A place where they can have their non-medical - yet critical - emotional, social, physical and lifestyle needs met throughout their journey of treatment, recovery and beyond. 

The center will encompass a multitude of free services and offerings, and be available to all local patients and their families and caregivers regardless of where they are treated. 

A few words about Corinne...

With love, Matt Sikora

Corinne embodied the ideals of individuality and optimism and was best known for her ability to bring people together. Her intelligence, compassion, and disarming laughter were irresistible, but her ability to assimilate the views of both allies and adversaries was what made her an anomaly in these times. Corinne remained hopeful and happy throughout her illness, which stands out as her final lesson to all who knew her.

With love, Alyssa Walloff

Corinne made EVERYONE she spoke to feel special. She didn't have a bad word to say about anyone; and when you were with her, you felt like you were her best friend or that she had nothing else on her mind, but you and whatever your needs were. Nowadays it's trendy to say "Be Kind." and "Love wins" and to "have Grace" but Corinne was really that person from birth. She didn't see the bad in people, only the good. She embraced each and every person for their strengths. She was so smart. She could do anything she put her mind to. This Support and Wellness Center is her doing - her vision, her ideas, and her inspiration."